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Make waste heat green

Energy efficiency through waste heat recovery

Waste heat recovery leads to energy efficiency

Waste heat recovery: modern - reliable - future-proof. Use your waste heat as a driver on the way to your CO2 neutrality.

Do you know your valuable resource waste heat? With us, you will experience a new perspective on previously unused potentials of your released energy. We have interdisciplinary know-how and 100+ years of experience as a supplier of ideas, implementer and long-term service partner. So that you do not focus on your waste heat recovery but on your core products. Your free resource waste heat is the fuel for green CO2-free energy production - directly at your site.

Your way to efficient waste heat utilization


Getting started is crucial: the stocktaking of the situation by our experts with you directly on site sets the foundation for success for your waste heat utilization. We evaluate existing data, measure necessary energy-relevant parameters and simulate different scenarios of a potential waste heat utilization.

Concept development

On the analysis of the existing situation we develop customized waste heat concepts. These are adapted to current and future production strategies, market developments and energy sources. You decide which of these concepts fits into your company policy, which chance-risk-ratio you prefer.


Everything from a single source: Rely on us as your general contractor for the implementation. Leave the risk of the interfaces of individual disciplines with us. We are also happy to offer financing models (contracting / rent or lease). You can rely on us for the selection and combination of the available funding options.


The best comes last: After successful commissioning of your waste heat recovery system, you're not on your own. Whether small maintenance or complex repair work up to full service. With us, you have a reliable partner at your side for the entire life cycle of your plant.

Waste heat recovery

Waste heat is a valuable energy source. We use your waste heat to convert it into other forms of energy. For example electricity, compressed air, heat, cold or hydrogen - even combined. This is absolutely CO2-free and therefore "green". Benefit from the combination of our expertise with the latest and most reliable technology from the world's best suppliers.

Infographic explaining the way an ORC process is used to convert waste heat into usable energy.

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We are an interdisciplinary team of experts from various disciplines: engineers, technicians, business people, lawyers and many more. With our experience as owner-operator you can rely on the best all-round service for your waste heat recovery.

Project Coordination and Management

  • Planning
  • Executing
  • Evaluation
  • Documentation

Construction management and construction

  • Tendering and procurement
  • Civil works
  • Energy asset installation
  • Commissioning

Planning & design


  • Analysis
  • Technical consulting
  • Economic consulting
  • Recommendations

Case Studies

Our team: first-class engineers from various disciplines. Their expertise is based not least on a large number of projects that we have successfully completed for our customers and for ourselves, as well as on their continuous striving for optimization.

In conversation with customer

Holistic cooling concept for paper manufacturer

Solutions to reduce costs and CO2 emissions identified.

Holistic cooling concept for paper manufacturer

As an experienced energy company, we know that the route to CO2 neutrality involves considerable efforts on the part of industrial companies. Our target was therefore to provide our customer with future-proof solutions using holistic energy solutions, from the production process to distributing energy and generating all types of energy. In order to achieve this target, our engineering team identified clear potential energy efficiency savings and created a bespoke cooling concept in order to reduce energy costs while at the same time reducing CO2 emissions.

Customer benefits

  • Reduction in CO2 emissions
  • Increased efficiency
  • Cost reduction
  • Reduction in outage time
  • Maintenance optimization


  • The purpose of the cooling concept was to prevent un-planned outages, high maintenance costs, a lack of transparency and inefficient energy delivery
  • The scope for increasing efficiency was severely limited by the site’s separate energy infrastructure
  • A change to an efficient and sustainable system of cooling system
  • Holistic approach: from identifying efficiency actions from feasibility studies to building the plant, potential funding for it and, ultimately, verification that savings will be made


Paper manufacturer, Germany

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Engineering Solutions and Services

Our offer includes a variety of services. These range from pure engineering solutions to combined solutions from consulting, engineering, implementation and operation, as well as the elaboration of the appropriate energy supply. Because the right mix makes the difference.

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Plant Performance Tracker

Track best-performing units to improve performance of other fleet assets, incl. plant startups and shutdowns.

Engineers checking industrial facility from the outside


Power Plant Engineering

Concepts for optimized, proactive maintenance to avoid unplanned downtime or failures.